the high flying adventures of captain Grief

Grief is still messy…own it!

The High-Flying Adventures

of Captain Grief Returns

Welcome back! If you didn’t catch us the first time we blogged, we are a “superwriter” duo. Myself and my partner of questionable character, my superhero alter ego Captain Grief and I wrote together for a year after our wives passed away. People tend to grieve politely which just won’t do. We both needed a place to be angry, we swore like sailors, laughed at our misfortunes and grieved completely and absolutely unapologetically.

Is she still my personal caped crusader…always.

Still moody….sure is

Still prone to indecisiveness….yeah.

Still messy…..un hun.

Still breaks into uncontrollable fits of sobbing in public…yup

Still grieving ….obviously.

Still bitchy as hell….in a cape….don’t you know it!

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