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Author Bio

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I love stories. Writing them, hearing them, telling them and often never stopping for breath. I graduated from The University of Guelph with B.A Honours in Theatre and English. Over the span of 30 years I have honed my craft, written prolifically concentrating mainly on writing for social media, poetry, and memoir. I have also have renewed love of fantasy and even directed and wrote a play for my son’s elementary school. I have been featured in a number of online Zines produced by the Online Sapphic Writers Group . I was a freelance writer for Pink Play Magazine between 2011 to 2019 and also wrote their Queer Parenting Blog The Ginger Gent.

I have been published in various online platforms, a Canadian food journal called Beer and Butter Tarts, to purchase copy click here. . In 2019 McLean’s Magazine in published a personal essay in the Before You Go series, A Young Widow to Her Son, Your Small Life was so Powerful You Saved Mine. Read article .

I also have a number of social media platforms. My Brave.Creative.Me Instagram site has a great deal of my poetry, including my online project the Thirty Day Poetry Challenge. For a year I also produced Kelly’s Reading Corner on YouTube, a channel where I read a weekly picture book for one year to support children and families like mine dealing with the stress of the lockdown. I even read one of my own picture books Pinky The Christmas Elf a tongue in cheek holiday book for kids and adults! I focused on books with themes of isolation, difference, and big feelings to help parents make space for conversations with their kids.

As a holistic practitioner I consider creative writing therapeutic. Every time I work with a client in a healing capacity it is also in a creative capacity, and creative work is absolutely an opportunity to heal. This is why I developed and facilitated my Narrative Healing Workshop Series as a healing journey using creative projects. Follow the link for more information on this service. So much can be unearthed and processed in a healthy way. I also very much enjoy supporting fellow writers and writing with peers.

To date I have completed two novels, countless projects and read my work at public events and appearances. I am excited to see what projects lay in my future and how I can share my work with the world.

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