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If Wonder Woman Had Grief Brain

Kelly: I realized something lately.

Captain Grief: You don’t say (yawning.) That perhaps you have been dragging your ass a wee bit on our blog?

Kelly: Hey life happens! Kara’s birthday was on August 23, she would have been 46. I always find myself avoiding FaceBook around that time.

Captain Grief: Ah…..that was like a month ago.

Kelly: Cap, like that competes with your last hiatus.

Captain Grief: Low blow! I was up for induction at The Snottiest Superhero Hall of Fame, I had to repossess the slushy machine that evil villainess Bertha Brainfreeze pinched and I lost my cat for three days under my pile of dirty laundry. Ate three socks before I found her.

Kelly: Her or you?

Captain Grief: I was hungry!!!!

Kelly: Well, we all have reasons. What I have realized with chagrin is that ADHD is a lot like our old culprit grief brain, or for that matter fibro fog. Can happen to anyone, makes you forgetful, lose your focus, have a hard time organizing, can make you depressed, fatigued, angry, unable to make decisions, prioritize, get lost, distracted or overwhelmed.

Captain Grief: Yup that sounds like a super villain we have come up against before. So, what do we do?

Kelly: Pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and give our opponents a poke in the eye! (OUCH). Very funny. And then remember even superheroes have bad days. I need an ice pack.

Captain Grief: Want a slushy?


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