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Villains Need Love

Kelly: Sometimes it takes a villain to get the job done. By that I mean Ann Hathaways’ sultry performance as Cat Woman in The Dark Knight Rises. Sometimes we have to give the “bad guys” some love too. Without a villain there would be no need for a corresponding hero.

Captain Grief: No surprise you start with Ann Hathaway, your thing for her is almost famous!

Kelly: Quiet you. Julie Newmar is a legend but Ann is next level. Just as she says, HER version of it!

Captain Grief: So why are you all hot to trot about the baddies? You going to the dark side?

Kelly: They certainly have motivation and commitment, and they’re not ALL bad.

Captain Grief: Who says? They’re just a bunch of felons and crooks!

Kelly: Or you could call them anti-heroes.

Captain Grief: So what does that change?

Kelly: Well, take you for instance.

Captain Grief: Pardon??

Kelly: You are a little unorthodox, messy, temperamental, moody, destructive, erratic and really quite rude…

Captain Grief: Okay, okay you drove the point home.

Kelly: …but you certainly get the job done.

Captain Grief: So let me get this straight. In this new equation I am the “not so bad anti-hero” that represented a threat to contend with?

Break for a Cat Stretch

Kelly: I wouldn’t say that. Loss is the big bad in our case, you were the inspiration to kick its ass.

Captain Grief: Oh like I motivated you to make a commitment?

Kelly: Exactly.

Captain: So can I also motivate you to bake me one of those flourless chocolate tortes?

Kelly’s famous Chocolate Flourless Torte

Kelly: Dream on.

Captain Grief: How about a BLT with hot sauce, heavy on the bacon?

Kelly: Don’t push it nefarious. Go to Subway Sandwiches like everyone else.

Captain Grief: You’re a bit evil.

Kelly: Oh yeah?

Captain Grief: Your version of it, I like it! Break out the cat suit.

Kelly: I think I’ll just look at Ann.

Captain Grief: Perv.

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